May 2024
Always a busy period of the year and this year is no different. We will hopefully have lots to showcase over the coming weeks and months once our clients have signed off the numerous visuals we are working on.
The project below showcases a 3d photo montage produced for a scheme in Oxford. The 3d montage at the top is set against the original photograph beneath.
April 2024
We have been working on some amazing 360 virtual tours  both within the UK and overseas. Modelling and aligning proposed logistics buildings within aerial photography to deliver a new user experience like no other.
March 2024
We are enjoying working on a handful of very large logistics units, and various residential projects including this en-suite for a new build scheme. We never experience the same 2 days in the studio, always a new challenge to light or model new schemes that our clients send us. 
February 2024
2024 has started at a fast pace and some great schemes coming out of the studio. Always a pleasure to work with great clients and some amazing architecture. 
Happy New Year 2024.
We would like to wish a Happy New year to all.
December 2023.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and friends for their support throughout 2023 and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2024.
November 2023
Our studio has the pleasure of modelling and rendering various developments within the construction and architectural world. This month we have a handful of industrial - logistics schemes to model and create into VR 360 tours.
October 2023
few more 3d interiors, promoting numerous new developments around the UK.​​​​​​​
September 2023 - New Offices.
We are excited to announce that 3D Visualisation will be relocating to new offices on Monday 11th September. We will now be based at Unity Hall which is a near 150 year old listed building in the centre of Wakefield and our new address details are below.
3D Visualisation Ltd
Unity Hall
All of our other details remain the same but if you would like to speak with us please use our mobile numbers as listed below.
Neil Poppleton: 07411 454 911
Stuart Linley: 07833 174 988
Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you in the near future.
August 2023
Residential Interior produced for new development to showcase the clients concept.
July 2023
We present a sneak preview of a large interior project we have the pleasure of modelling and rendering during the designers concept design work and development.  More images to follow later.......
June 2023
Some great visuals created in the office to help clients stand out in the residential market place.
May 2023
Always a busy period of the year and this year is no different. We will hopefully have lots to showcase over the coming weeks and months once our clients have signed off the numerous visuals we are working on.
April 2023
When you have spent a great deal of time modelling a project and then aligning the 3d model accurately into endless photograph's to support first, planning applications and then planning appeals, its good to see the building approved , built and now open for business. The 3D images below are our just a few of many 3D photo montages we delivered.
March 2023
No matter the size of your project, we are ready to assist you for your marketing or planning needs. Get in touch if you have a project in the pipeline and we'd be happy to provide a quote to meet your needs. 
February 2023
CGi v Real Life. Great to see schemes built or half built in this case. Our CGi is approx 5 years old but a good comparison of 3d v reality
Happy New Year 2023.
We would like to wish a Happy New year to all.
December 2022.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and friends for their support throughout 2022 and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2023.
November 2022.
As we fast approach the end of 2022 we look back at just a few of the great schemes we had the pleasure of working on. It's a shame we cant showcase all the schemes we work on but we have to keep many under wraps as our clients wishes.
October 2022.
September 2022.
As the summer holidays come to a close we have a busy schedule of work including various residential schemes. One interesting scheme we have been commissioned to model is a Cathedral, making that a 1st, we have modelled many interesting architectural projects but never a cathedral. Look forward to the visuals released later in the year.
August 2022.
New York skyline 2070 concept art, we produced using the latest artificial intelligence software from @midjourney
July 2022.
Always enjoyable searching the old files and something pops up. This student accommodation scheme like the majority of projects during development have to be kept private and sometimes never released into the public domain. This was student accommodation in Manchester, which is now built and occupied.
June 2022.
Something different. Bed and accessories modelling and rendering, hundreds of visuals have been created for a brand new site to allow you to build your own bed configuration and colour selection.
May 2022.
The studio is enjoying producing lots of residential CGI's. The market has not slowed down and we are continuing to enjoy delivering many packages to our existing and new clients.
April 2022.
Today we commence our 12th year in business. We are very proud of all our work, clients, and staff, and look forward to the next 12 years in the world of 3D.
March 2022.
Always a pleasure to see completed buildings which have enjoyed modelling and rendering in the early design stages and through planning.
February 2022.
As we settle into 2022 things have been very busy and some great schemes landing on our doorstep along with a couple of new clients. Always pleasing to welcome new clients who come to us based on our reputation.
Happy New Year 2022.
We would like to wish a Happy New year to all.
Christmas 2021.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and friends for their support throughout 2021 in such a difficult year for many and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a much healthier and prosperous 2022.
November 2021.
As we approach the end of another difficult year for many, we appreciate the continued support from our clients and friends who keep sending us amazing schemes to model and render. We have a busy and enjoyable last few weeks of 2021 for the studio, and hopefully lots of images to showcase on our social media platforms shortly.
October 2021.
Our client contacted us to enquire if we could supply 6 CGIs’s for their development bid within a 2 week timeframe. We resourced the scheme sufficiently to both deliver on time and to the budget but also had to incorporate and amend the 3d models due to constant design tweaks throughout the production period. One very satisfied client made the tight project worthwhile.
September 2021.
As we come to the end of an enjoyable summer the studio is full of exciting and different projects.
One to mention and look out for shortly is a conservatory configuration website requiring just a few hundred models from 3D Visualisation.
August 2021.
We have enjoyed a busy run up to summer 2021. Time to spend a quality time with friends and family during August.
10 Years of 3D Visualisation Ltd
Architectural Visualisation specialists, 3D Visualisation Ltd, are celebrating their 10th Anniversary this summer.
During the 10 year history 3D Visualisation have produced hundreds of 3D images and animations, working with both large and small Architects practices as well as house builders, developers and estate agents.
Founding Directors Neil Poppleton and Stuart Linley continue to develop and grow the business, with a keen eye on maintaining and improving quality for every project, whilst meeting client’s budgets and achieving deadlines.
The challenge of keeping abreast of new technology and software is one they enjoy and they look forward to what the next 10 Years will bring.
Finally, the Director’s would like to say a massive thank you to each and every client and friend of 3D Visualisation Ltd who we have worked with over an enjoyable 10 years in business and we look forward to the next 10 years.
June 2021.
After a relatively quite school half term, lots of exciting projects currently being developed, looking forward to a busy but enjoyable summer in the studio.
May 2021.
​​​​​​​We will be able to release details of the industrial / logistic virtual tours very soon....
April 2021.
​​​​​​​Never a quite moment in the studio, modelling some exciting and varied Architectural projects.
The example below is a great residential scheme recently completed.
Other current projects involve, residential, stadia, along with 750,000 sq.ft of industrial warehouse buildings, which equates to around 10 football pitches. This huge footprint is based on only 2 sites and 4 buildings.
March 2021.
We have pleasure showcasing just a few of the exciting schemes we have enjoyed modelling so far in 2021. Lots more to come and also interactive 360 tours to publish in a few weeks.
February 2021.
February continues the story of January, very busy. Some great schemes to model and hopefully to include on our social media platforms in due course.
January 2021.
We would like to wish a Happy New year to all, albeit in strange times, but staying positive that as each month passes things will improve.
December 2020.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and friends for their support throughout 2020 in such a difficult year for many and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a much healthier and prosperous 2021.
November 2020.
We have been quiet on social media recently due to the work load. Look out for some amazing visuals coming out in the public domain over the next few months.
October 2020.
2020 continues to be a challenge but we have to thank all our loyal clients and friends of 3D Visualisation Ltd for keeping us busy during these strange times.
Interior visuals competed in addition to the exterior package produced previously for both planning and marketing as seen below for this exciting new residential development.
September 2020.
We have completed various residential schemes over the summer and one in particular included full exterior and interior visuals for the marketing launch. We have selected just a handful of 3d shots from the package below.
August 2020.
Great to see the completed residential scheme set against our 3d marketing visualisation.
July 2020.
We produce many photo montages in support of planning applications, most are not available to showcase but we have just seen this 3d photo montage in the press following its successful planning approval. This was one of five produced for this particular site. Certain sites require just a few but certain sensitive sites can have 15+ montages.
June 2020.
3D Visualisation Ltd continue to operate safely from our homes and are pleased to showcase just a few of the recently completed project visuals below during these difficult times.
Covid 19 Update.
In this difficult period 3D Visualisation Ltd continue to operate safely from individual homes in accordance with the government advice.
Please continue to email as usual but with regard telephones, do use mobile numbers and not the office landline, many thanks.
March 2020.
2020 has started as 2019 ended with some great new residential schemes to model, render and animate, along with retail, and a steady flow of new student accommodation, something we have enjoyed being involved with for a number of years. We also have a number of confidential schemes which we hope can be released in the public domain during 2020.
January 2020.
New scheme of 15 contemporary designed homes on the drawing board so to speak. Full set of cgi's and animation being finalised this month.
December 2019.
It has been a very busy year in our studio and we are having an extended break for the Christmas period.
Our office will be closed 5pm Thursday 19th December and re open Monday 6th January 2020.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and friends for their support throughout 2019 and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2020.
September 2019.
As we near the end of a busy Summer in the office we continue to enjoy working on a varied selection of projects from residential developments, luxury homes, underground homes, new colleges, industrial schemes, and many other exciting designs with images to be released soon.
July 2019.
Just a handful of the amazing and challenging 3d projects we have enjoyed working on in the first half of 2019.
Summer 2019.
After a very busy 2019, we are starting to see many of our projects coming into the public domain of which we have pleasure showcasing one example development below.
An exciting residential scheme consisting of 9 contemporary designed home. More to follow over the coming weeks......
January 2019.
A selection of cgi's from an exciting new luxury waterside residential development just launched. Animation to follow......
Winter 2018.
Great to see the completed residential scheme set against our 3d visualisations produced at the marketing stage.
Autumn 2018.
A selection of just a few of the 15 house types interior visuals we are working on to help our clients marketing requirements spread over various new residential development sites.
Summer 2018.
After an amazing summer we have a number of projects nearing completion, which we hope to share soon.
Always a pleasure to see a client's completed dream house. The image shows both our earlier 3d visualisation of the property against the recently photographed house.
Summer Photo Montages
We have been very lucky to be commissioned on several large residential planning photo montages around the UK during June and July which has meant having to work outside in such glorious weather conditions, long may it continue.
New Student Village
A set of 5 visuals have been completed of a new University Village accommodating more than 1000 students. Our team produced the series of images with only a 2 week project period, set by the client to meet their marketing launch.
Oculus Go - Wirleless, Phone Free VR Headset
A new VR headset has been launched requiring no external hardware, no cables, and best of all starting at £200.  It's the evolution of the Samsung Gear VR headset, replacing the need to insert a phone into the front slot with its own standalone processor and display. It's portable, capable, and by far the easiest to use VR system released to date.
June 2018
3D Visualisation Ltd have enjoyed recent success with various residential schemes including the shot below of a more contemporary designed residential development. The full set of marketing images are to be launched during June 2018.
Another scheme of note currently being modelled in the studio is a 1000 bed student village in Manchester. One of our regular customers required 3d visuals of the student village delivering to their client within a 2 week period, which will be achieved early June.
May 2018
3D Visualisation Ltd continue to enjoy providing high quality images and animations to a wide range of architectural and construction related clients helping them achieve planning, bid success and supply marketing material such as this months blog visual.
We continue to look at 360 VR technology along with our in house systems and render farm expansion, and constantly upgrade and review new software so we can provide the best quality and service to our clients.​​​​​​​
April 2018
With just a few month's passed this year, it is already panning out to be a very exciting time in our studio.We work with great clients and exciting schemes which constantly challenge our skills and IT setup.Already new machines are on order and software is continually updated to keep ahead of the field and maintain our 100% success rate on hitting deadlines.
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