September 2019.
As we near the end of a very busy Summer in the office we continue to enjoy working on a varied selection of projects from residential developments, luxury homes, underground homes, new colleges, industrial schemes, and many other exciting designs 
July 2019.
Just a handful of the amazing and challenging 3d projects we have enjoyed working on in the first half of 2019.
Summer 2019.
After a very busy 2019, we are starting to see many of our projects coming into the public domain of which we have pleasure showcasing one example development below.
An exciting residential scheme consisting of 9 contemporary designed home. More to follow over the coming weeks......
January 2019.
A selection of cgi's from an exciting new luxury waterside residential development just launched. Animation to follow......
Winter 2018.
Great to see the completed residential scheme set against our 3d visualisations produced at the marketing stage.
Autumn 2018.
A selection of just a few of the 15 house types interior visuals we are working on to help our clients marketing requirements spread over various new residential development sites.
Summer 2018.
After an amazing summer we have a number of projects nearing completion, which we hope to share soon.
Always a pleasure to see a client's completed dream house. The image shows both our earlier 3d visualisation of the property against the recently photographed house.
Summer Photo Montages
We have been very lucky to be commissioned on several large residential planning photo montages around the UK during June and July which has meant having to work outside in such glorious weather conditions, long may it continue.
New Student Village
A set of 5 visuals have been completed of a new University Village accommodating more than 1000 students. Our team produced the series of images with only a 2 week project period, set by the client to meet their marketing launch.
Oculus Go - Wirleless, Phone Free VR Headset
A new VR headset has been launched requiring no external hardware, no cables, and best of all starting at £200.  It's the evolution of the Samsung Gear VR headset, replacing the need to insert a phone into the front slot with its own standalone processor and display. It's portable, capable, and by far the easiest to use VR system released to date.
June 2018
3D Visualisation Ltd have enjoyed recent success with various residential schemes including the shot below of a more contemporary designed residential development. The full set of marketing images are to be launched during June 2018.
Another scheme of note currently being modelled in the studio is a 1000 bed student village in Manchester. One of our regular customers required 3d visuals of the student village delivering to their client within a 2 week period, which will be achieved early June.
May 2018
3D Visualisation Ltd continue to enjoy providing high quality images and animations to a wide range of architectural and construction related clients helping them achieve planning, bid success and supply marketing material such as this months blog visual.
We continue to look at 360 VR technology along with our in house systems and render farm expansion, and constantly upgrade and review new software so we can provide the best quality and service to our clients.​​​​​​​
April 2018
With just a few month's passed this year, it is already panning out to be a very exciting time in our studio.We work with great clients and exciting schemes which constantly challenge our skills and IT setup.Already new machines are on order and software is continually updated to keep ahead of the field and maintain our 100% success rate on hitting deadlines.
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